Our services


We look beyond the CV as we believe that paper can only tell you so much (and looks can also be deceiving).  We take the time to get to know our candidates and to maintain relationships with them beyond the recruitment process.  


It can be hard to keep up with maintenance, but we know the value of looking ahead.  Preventative work is always preferable to inconvenient emergency repairs, so let us plan ahead for you.

Personal ShoppING

Need something specific?  Not sure what you need but definitely need it today (or yesterday)?  Maybe you just need advice on where to shop in an unfamiliar city.  Last minute gift or something truly unique for a special occasion, we can help find it.


We have over 15 years' experience managing many different events for large corporations, catering for intimate weddings and hosting last minute gatherings.  Need some menu ideas, a chef, or just a pair of hands - why not ask how we can help?


Working hand in had with our travel partners, we can help get you from A to B, and onwards, in style.  Whether you are planning a road trip, holiday or simply needing a comfortable place to rest your head, we can find you the best deals with the most benefits. 


No cowboys please.  Take the guesswork out of looking for a contractor or a supplier and let us recommend someone from our trusted list of partners.  We only work with people we trust and with whom we have developed long-standing working relationships.